Groupon HK 承諾不再推廣魚翅優惠

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[香港 2011 年 6 月 26 日]團購網站 Groupon HK (前身 行政總裁 Danny Yeung 上週五 (2011 年 6 月 24 日) 回覆環保人士的投訴信,承諾以後不再推廣魚翅優惠。至於已經成交的團購合約(見 ),他聯絡了合辦商戶天澄閣酒樓,讓已經購買了優惠卷的客人可以改以燕窩羹代替魚翅湯。

Danny Yeung 表示 Groupon HK 重視動物權益和對瀕危同物的保育,日後不會再推廣帶有魚翅的產品。

環保人士對此表示歡迎。香港護鯊會 (Hong Kong Shark Foundation) 在其 Facebook 專頁公佈了上述消息,迅速獲得四十多個「讚好」(Like)。

Danny Yeung, CEO of Groupon Hong Kong

Groupon Hong Kong CEO: No more promotion involving shark’s fin

[Hong Kong, Jun 26, 2011] The Chief Executive Officer of Groupon Hong Kong (previously operated as, Mr. Danny Yeung, replied to complaints from environmentalists regarding Groupon HK’s recent shark fin promotion. In the letter, Mr. Yeung promised that in the future they will restrict featuring any deals that involve shark’s fin. As for the deal that has already been purchased by customers (see, he said they have contacted the merchant Crystal Harbour Restaurant and will allow customers to opt for bird’s nest soup in replacement of shark fin soup.

Mr. Yeung also said Groupon Hong Kong values and respects animal rights and is committed to supporting the conservation of endangered species.

Environmentalists welcome the change of mind of Groupon Hong Kong. Hong Kong Shark Foundation posted a news about the development on their Facebook pages and immediately received more than 40 “Likes”.

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